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About Me

The artist Gabriela Rudolph, born in 1986 and based in Berlin, has been developing her artistic work under the pseudonym Claire Uff since 2019.
Claire Uff’s art is a celebration of the human experience, with a focal point on individuals and the exquisite nuances found in daily life.

She captures her themes through clear and refined forms. Her distinctive style, cultivated over the years, is characterized by a layered use of colors, resulting in a unique expression. Claire Uff’s works are less about cool, academic art calculations and more about the joy of painting: as an expression of the vitality and uniqueness of human nature. With her works, C. U. consciously sets a counterpoint to the mainstream of the current art scene, which increasingly seems to position itself between slick design and dystopian visions. Claire’s works are not afraid to be beautiful, a rare treat for the viewer of these works.

„The beauty lies in the moment of the captured inconspicuous and in the splendour of the colourfulness with which it illuminates the room.“ – Claire Uff

Artist statement

The hallmark of my work lies in its simplicity, balanced richness, and a clarity that resonates through my preferred subjects—portraiture and the portrayal of everyday small pleasures. I take the exploration of these small pleasures as an opportunity to embark on the search for an emotional intelligence. Color embodies emotion. My aspiration is to illuminate colors in a manner where, harmoniously composed, they unfurl their positive spectrum of effects on people.The objective is to engage the viewer with my work, leaving an imprint on their consciousness for a moment of contemplation and to have the Courage to smile a little.

Claire Uff


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Berlin, Germany





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